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Assisted living at Farmington Presbyterian Manor

In an assisted living suite, the roomy bedroom (top left) provides plenty of space to personalize and relax, and the airy living room (bottom right) is perfect for entertaining friends. An assisted living studio provides a cozy nook for reading a favorite book or people watching, and is spacious enough for a full-size bed.

Assisted living at Presbyterian Manor is all about finding the ideal balance of freedom and support. Learn more and see why Farmington Presbyterian Manor was the first-place winner in the “Assisted Living Community” category in this year’s Best of the Parkland – an online contest that allows the community to vote for their favorite local businesses that’s sponsored by The Daily Journal, the Farmington Press and the Democrat News.

What assisted living has to offer

Assisted living at Farmington Presbyterian Manor is dedicated to offering the right balance of programs and activities, with the extra help seniors may need with daily living tasks so they can enjoy the way they want to live. It’s the balance of having the peace of mind that there is nursing staff available 24 hours a day just a click of a button away, but still having independence to come and go as they please.

“A lot of seniors find that their world expands once they come here,” said Anne Allen, marketing and sales director. “They’re able to have those emotional and social elements back. They’re able to do activities, attend seminars we offer, participate in the Art is Ageless® program and so much more. Our residents in assisted living thrive because they’re around people in their same stage of life. It’s easier to make friends because they’re surrounded by people facing similar challenges as they are and are in a similar place in life,” said Anne.

The assisted living advantage

While COVID-19 has changed daily life, it has also shown that life in assisted living is an ideal environment for seniors at this unprecedented time.

“There’s a huge social element of living at a senior living community and in assisted living that has a huge advantage right now,” said Anne. “Many seniors are going on 10 months of not leaving their home or seeing anyone. This takes an emotional and social toll on people. Even though senior living communities have guidelines to follow about visitors and restrictions for leaving the building to see family and loved ones, the advantage is that here you are surrounded by people. We still have activities and residents are able to leave their room and walk the building and visit with friends. They have connections with people who have been tested and are safe to be around. That’s a huge advantage.”

Meet Loren Rickmar, assisted living director

Loren Rickmar, RN and assisted living director

Loren Rickmar, an employee on our campus for eight years, was recently promoted to director of assisted living. Loren has called Farmington home her entire life. She worked in home health and psychiatric nursing prior to joining Farmington Presbyterian Manor’s nursing staff in 2012. Over the years, she’s worked on our campus in many different capacities including shift supervisor, MDS coordinator, case manager and health care assistant director of nursing.

“As a nurse, I’m humbled and honored to be in the position to care for our residents. I’m amazed at their life stories and experiences and know that their time at Farmington Presbyterian Manor is part of their life story. That’s the part I want to make as fulfilling and meaningful as possible. I’m blessed to work at a community like the Presbyterian Manor because I’m not alone – I’m surrounded by coworkers who feel as invested in our residents as I do,” said Loren Rickmar.

Is assisted living right for you?

Take this quiz to determine if aging in place at home is the right choice for you or a senior you love.

  1. Am I finding it easy to navigate through my home?   Yes No
  2. Do I have a place of action if I fall and am unable to reach the phone?  Yes     No
  3. Am I completely independent in managing my own medication and other daily tasks like getting dressed?  Yes     No
  4. Am I still able to care for the maintenance and upkeep of my home?  Yes    No
  5. Have I found time to devote to my favorite hobbies?  Yes    No
  6. Do I have a social life that keeps my mind active and engaged?   Yes     No
  7. Are my family or loved ones confident about my safety at home?  Yes    No

If you answer “No” to most of these questions, it might be time to consider your options.

Learn more about assisted living at Farmington Presbyterian Manor

Learn how assisted living at Farmington Presbyterian Manor can be the right choice for you or a loved one. Schedule a personal appointment with Anne Allen by calling 573-756-6768 or e-mailing

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