Nurturing Body, Mind, and Soul

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Our philosophy at Farmington Presbyterian Manor is that residents in every level of care should enjoy living the way they want to live. To achieve this, we have developed a robust range of programs and activities that promote “holistic wellness.” When seniors are able to focus on physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth, they remain vital and are able to make the most of every day.

Below is just a sampling of the programs and activities that Farmington Presbyterian Manor has to offer.

  • Upcoming Events & Resident Activities

    From watercolor painting classes to a variety of worship services to discovering new talents, there’s always something going on at Farmington Presbyterian Manor. Take a look at our events & activities calendars to see what we’ve got cooking.

  • Health & Wellness

    Our popular wellness program is a major hub of activity for all levels of care at Farmington Presbyterian Manor. From aerobics and Tai Chi classes to Bingo to manicures on Tuesdays, we promote a sound body and mind for all of our residents.

  • Art Is Ageless®

    What age do you have to be to start creating amazing works of art? At Farmington Presbyterian Manor, you’re free to express yourself, and invest in what makes you special. We encourage you to discover and nurture your creative side through our popular and award-winning Art is Ageless® program.

  • Spiritual Life

    Farmington Presbyterian Manor affords residents countless opportunities to practice their faith as they choose. We have an onsite chaplain. We also host a variety of worship services each week, and regularly invite visiting pastors to perform services. We are proud of our Presbyterian background, but respect people of all faiths and try to foster spiritual life for everyone.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Our residents love taking advantage of continuing education opportunities such as watercolor and other arts and craft classes. Our popular Just Ask Lifelong Learning Series offers educational events on topics of interest to seniors in the broader community as well as our residents. A few of our other educational opportunities include library services, cultural and social enrichment activities, resident special interest groups, and more. Check our events and activities calendars to see what’s coming up.

  • Intergenerational Programs

    We regularly feature activities involving young people. Whether it’s a youth choir performance and visit, an ongoing program with a local school or regular activities with a local preschool, these pairings of the young and the aged are not by happenstance: there are bona fide benefits for the kids, the seniors and the community. For seniors, the positive effects include health benefits.

  • Off-Site Events and Day Trips

    In addition to hosting special campus events, we provide a regular schedule of day trips and off-site special events including trips to the St. Louis mall, zoo, the monthly Independent Living Cottage Club activities and other area attractions around Farmington, Missouri, and nearby St. Louis.

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