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You can call her ‘D’: Getting to know AL resident Norma Isgriggs

The name Norma Isgriggs is a relatively new one around Farmington Presbyterian Manor—even to the woman herself. That’s because the person who was initially introduced to the community in April as Norma has actually spent most of her life going by “D.”

“I’m getting used to Norma because it’s how people have gotten to know me, but my friends call me ‘D,’” said Norma, aka D.

While the name may be new, D’s face was already a familiar one around the community thanks to her routine visits to see her sister.

“My sister lived here for eight years and has been gone four,” said D. “Everyone here was so wonderful to her that I actually asked her if they were like this all the time and she said, ‘all the time.’”

A photo collage of Norma's family and friends

It was because of the experience she had with her sister that initially led D to come to the community following an accident.

“I broke both bones in my arm after a bad fall at home and when I got out of the hospital in St. Louis they asked where I wanted to go. I said I that I wanted to go to the Presbyterian Manor because everyone’s so nice,” said D.

Now a full-time resident, D’s feelings about the community haven’t changed.

“I just feel blessed. I can’t complain about a thing,” said D. “This is my home—and it’s a nice one.”

One of the aspects of living at the community that D appreciates the most is the additional support she receives with those daily tasks that have become difficult since the accident.

“Since I can’t use my right arm so much, they even come in and help me take my shower and get ready. I thank them no matter what they do because they’re so good to me—they’re that way with everybody,” said D.

In the short time she has been at the community, one thing that D has become known for is her positive attitude. Her upbeat, always-see-the-glass-as-half-full outlook has made even things like the isolation caused by COVID outbreaks seem like no big deal.

“I’m good. I don’t even mind the 10 days we have to spend in our room, I have my iPad—I see people I know all the time on there,” said D.

That said, the one thing D is most thankful for is her family.

“I have three wonderful children—I talk to them every day,” said D.

When asked why anyone who’s contemplating Farmington Presbyterian Manor should make the move, D’s answer was simple.

“This is the best place anywhere in this area. They are just so good.”

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