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Words of encouragement for surviving tough times

After living through the Covid-19 pandemic the past four months, residents offer advice for surviving hard times and share what got them through difficult trials in the past.

Robert Halbert

How did he survive tough times in the past? “Working hard and asking a lot of questions.”

Ruth Denton

“Sit tight and weather the storm.”

Millie Bradley

“The best way I have found to make the most of hard times is I have left all my troubles to the Lord. If you trust in the Lord, he will take care of it. Sometimes we may think, ‘Why this? Why that?’ but I really don’t think too much about that as much as I think about my family. I just pray that they’re all safe.”

Phyllis Wigger

“You can change your attitude about almost anything if you want to. You have to say, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ If you can’t forgive, you can’t accept what’s happened and make the best of it. Be friendly. Offer friendship. Friendship is one of the best things you can have.”

Peggy Thomas

“Just try to be yourself. I prayed a lot. And I just got through it.”

Marie Gibbs

“It’s a common thing. It’s happening to everybody. I depend on the Lord for a lot of things now. I do love praying. It gets me through. I like to keep a good attitude.”

Ora Bennett

“Listen to the government and listen to the news. Listen to the what the president tells you.

How does she keep her spirits up? “I walk a lot. Exercise. Go to the activities we have at the Presbyterian Manor.”

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