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Volunteering provides residents with social outlet, way to give back

When a resident volunteers, everybody wins. For the resident, volunteering provides a great way to build relationships, connect with others and stay active. For the community, it provides the extra hands needed to create the homelike atmosphere that Presbyterian Manors has come to represent.

Currently, 60 residents volunteer within the community on a regular basis by delivering mail, working in the gift shop, playing the piano, facilitating birthday parties and more. However, according to Volunteer Coordinator Teresa Pinkley, there is always room for more.

“Our volunteer program is a vital part of our manor community and we can always use more volunteers,” said Teresa. “The first step to volunteering with us is filling out our application and interviewing with me.”

After the interview process, Teresa then matches the applicant with a position that best suits both them and their interests. One resident who began donating her time shortly after she moved into the community is Arvada Helena, who volunteers on Friday afternoons in the gift shop.

“I had two friends that were doing it, and I guess they were the instigators and probably gave my name to Teresa,” said Arvada. “So, when she approached me with the idea, I didn’t have to think about it very long, and I told her I’d try it and see how it goes.”

For Arvada, the opportunity to volunteer offered both the familiarity of past work experience and the chance to develop new relationships.

“I like meeting people. I used to work in retail a little bit and, while this is not the same, I like getting in the different things and stocking the shelves and getting acquainted with more people,” said Arvada.

While Arvada finds the work personally rewarding, she also notes another, more altruistic, motivation behind her role as volunteer.

“I think everybody should do a little bit for the place. It’s a good thing to do, and they’ll let you do anything you want to and as much time as you want,” said Arvada. “I believe everybody ought to give back a little bit. I think the word for that now is ‘pay it forward.’”

To learn how you can join Arvada and “pay it forward” as a community volunteer, stop by Teresa’s office anytime Monday through Wednesday or call her at 573-756-6768.

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