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Therapy department uses tailored treatment plans

When you’ve suffered a physical setback, therapy can be a critical link between where you are and where you want to be. Thanks to a full-service therapy department, residents have a talented team of professionals on site ready to provide the dedicated and compassionate care they need to realize their goals.

In honor of national physical therapy month, we thought we’d take a closer look at this vital component of our community.

Operated by Aegis Therapies®, the therapy department consists of 13 providers specializing in physical, occupational and speech therapy who all share one objective—the success of those they serve.

“We want to bring everyone to their highest level of functionality and safety,” said Michael Green, director of therapy.

Realizing that every patient’s needs and physical challenges are different, members of the department utilize individualized treatment plans to achieve the best possible results.

“All of our evaluations and treatments are based on the patient and where they desire to be,” said Michael. “If their goal is to go home by themselves, we’ll tailor our therapy sessions to make it happen. We’ll even go to their house and make sure they can function in that home before we send them home to it. If they have a lot of steps there—or have to cook—we’ll tailor the environment they’ll go home to.”

And that individualized treatment doesn’t end with the patient.

“We also have family education, so the family knows how to take care of them,” said Michael. “We teach them how to transfer, dress themselves or any other need they might have.”

One recent success story for the department was resident Walter Tiefennauer who has gone from being confined to a wheelchair—and needing round-the-clock assistance—to walking with the help of a four-wheeled walker and residing in assisted living.

“When I came here, I couldn’t walk, talk or eat. I had no control over my body. But I’m doing good. I’m walking with help, and I do whatever I want to,” said Walter.

It’s people like Walter, and their determination to achieve their goals, that keeps Michael doing what he does.

“The people I work with are amazing,” said Michael. “They don’t like the hard work they have to do—and they don’t like us for it—until they see how well they’re doing and realize they can do this.”


The Aegis Therapies® team at Farmington Presbyterian Manor: back row, left to right, Sarah Flowers, speech language pathologist; Bina Shah, physical therapist; Amy Gruhala, physical therapy assistant; Kelsey Thompson, physical therapy assistant; and Melissa Martin, speech language pathologist. Front row, left to right, Caroline Bates, occupational therapy, and Kayla Williams, occupational therapy assistant.

Walter Tiefennauer works toward his goals during a physical therapy session.

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