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Therapists inspired by Jean Herbst’s path to recovery

When it comes to rehabilitation, our residents are in good hands with the Aegis partners and restorative aides we have dedicated to our community. These therapists offer a full range of care to handle any need and we are grateful for everything they do for us! One inspiring story of how our therapists are changing lives is of Farmington resident Jean Herbst.

Earlier this summer, Jean was in a car accident that put her in the hospital for 11 days before she came to Farmington Presbyterian Manor as a PATH® (Post Acute to Home) patient with multiple fractures from head to toe. Two therapists with Aegis Therapies® have been working with Jean for about a month to help her recovery and all are happy to report they’re seeing results.

“Jean has made remarkable progress, which I attribute to her strong will, determination, positive attitude and sense of humor,” said Amy Gruhala, physical therapy assistant with Aegis Therapies.

Caroline Bates, occupational therapist OTR/L feels the same. “Despite significant pain, Jean has made amazing gains with functional mobility and self-care tasks due to lots of hard work from her and her therapist nudging her gently every day to do more and inspiring her with hope and determination to improve her level of function.”

Jean added, “I love those girls. They push, push, push, push … but we make progress.”

Throughout the rehabilitation process, it seems the right attitude, a little hope and a higher power have been instrumental in getting Jean back on her feet.

“Jean has reinforced that age is relative and that you are as old as you feel. She has taught me that life’s adventure is ongoing and when you embrace the adventure with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude and hard work you can make positive change at any age. Jean has a goal of traveling to Hawaii with family when she turns 90 years old and we know she is going to do it!” said Amy.

Caroline has been inspired by Jean, too. “I have watched Jean’s journey and come to appreciate even more how resilient the human spirit can be with the right attitude, support and experience in the face of life’s unexpected challenges. I thank God for what she has taught me about the human spirit when it is filled with hope. She reminds me that ‘hope’ is the anchor of the soul, it is what keeps you going no matter what.”

Jean added, “I could have never made it through if it hadn’t been for God. He has been with me every step of the way.”

PHOTOS: At the top, therapists Amy Gruhala (left) and Caroline Bates (right) work with Jean Herbst (middle) on her path to recovery. In the other photo is Jean Herbst who used a photo of a beach in Hawaii as her motivation to work on her recovery from a car accident earlier this summer. She plans to go to Hawaii with her family when she turns 90.

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