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Scholarships awarded to three staff members

Congratulations to Jennifer Cunningham, Lauryn Helvey and Teal Moore – three of the certified nursing assistants in our community who were recently awarded scholarships through the Emily Huff-Gantner Memorial Scholarship program. The scholarships through this program, which are only available to Farmington Presbyterian Manor employees, will cover the costs of a Certified Medication Technician course at UniTech this month. Get to know the three recipients and what this award means to them.

Jennifer Cunningham, CNA

“Being chosen for this scholarship means so much to me. I was chosen as someone deserving of it, and it is truly an honor and a blessing. By taking this course, I hope to further my knowledge in the medical field and help my fellow coworkers when I am needed. My career goals are to one day finish nursing school and stay [at Farmington Presbyterian Manor] until retirement.

“I enjoy working at Presbyterian Manor because everyone here is like family. The residents and coworkers treat each other so wonderful, and I enjoy being part of it!”

Lauryn Helvey, CNA

“Receiving this scholarship means that I am able to further my knowledge in the career field I am going into while getting some help along the way. I hope that it will encourage me to keep going and move forward to advance in my career path and get into the nursing program. My main career goals are to stay in the nursing field and get into nursing school to go as far as becoming a BSN.

“I enjoy working in this community because I get to do what I love, taking care of other people and helping with their day-to-day needs.”

Teal Moore, CNA

“Receiving the Emily Huff-Gantner Memorial Scholarship means that I can further my career with the help of a company that thoroughly values their employees. Without this scholarship, this would all still be a dream. I hope by taking this course I will be able to further accomplish the dreams of caring for my residents to my fullest potential. I am looking to at some point become a nurse. My career goals are to eventually become the nurse that I would be honored to have care for my family member.

“I enjoy working for Farmington Presbyterian Manor because I enjoy the stories my residents share. I enjoy the life lessons they have taught me, and I enjoy being there for them on good days as well as bad days. I have found that most of my bad days become good days after spending time with my residents. I have caught myself going into work on off days when I am feeling down just to see my residents because they truly put a smile on my face every time.”

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