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Residents join forces to welcome new neighbors, increase involvement

From unfamiliar surroundings to unfamiliar faces, moving into a new home can sometimes be daunting. To help make the transition just a little easier, those joining the Farmington Presbyterian Manor community have their very own welcoming committee standing by.

Comprised of Millie Bradley, Wanda Chatman, Ernestine Medley and Mary Miller, the welcoming committee was formed to help new residents get to know their neighbors and staff members and feel like they’re part of the PMMA family.

The idea behind the group was the brainchild of Activities Director Carol Winch and Activities Assistant Cara Simms, who were looking for ways to increase involvement and an overall sense of community after two years of lockdowns and restrictions.

“COVID shut us down from having many activities in groups, so we were trying to build up participation,” said Carol. “We thought of every different direction we could go, and this came about.”

So, while new residents will still get the traditional “welcome basket” of goodies, the real objective of the group is to introduce their new neighbors to other residents along with the numerous activities available at the community. In fact, to help break the ice, a member of the welcoming committee will even accompany new residents to any community activity they’re interested in.

“Let’s face it, you’re more likely to go more with a friend than a stranger,” said Carol.

The group has only been around for a little more than a month, but according to Millie, she’s already made a new friend.

For Carol, that’s what it’s all about.

“What better way to make someone feel good than to meet a friend?” said Carol.

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