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Resident continues to volunteer after 47 years

At age 88, resident Barb Corter continues to volunteer every Wednesday at Parkland Health Center and doesn’t plan to quit. It’s something she’s been doing since she was 41.

“I started working at the hospital when it was first built. I took over the gift shop. When I moved here, I asked a friend to take over my job, but I continue to help her. She comes and gets me every Wednesday, takes me to out to the hospital, we have lunch together and we go through the books to order gifts and price items. It’s good for me. I worked all my life. I need to have something to do,” said Barb.

And while the volunteer work has been good for Barb, she also finds it’s how she can do good for this community.

“Farmington’s been good to my family and I’ve always felt like when I work at the hospital, I’m giving back to my community. It’s a nonprofit and we don’t get paid. I’ve enjoyed it and love it,” said Barb.

While reflecting on the many jobs she’s had and enjoyed over the years, including work on the farm as a child, Barb had this advice to offer.

“If you want to stay young, get involved in something. It’s the best thing in the world you can do.”

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