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Pandemic requires enrichment team to ‘adapt’ and ‘adjust’

It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has been a major disruption in the life of virtually everyone on the planet. But what do you do when your job revolves around the planning and execution of daily group activities for one of the community’s most vulnerable populations?

You just roll with it.

“I told my staff, ‘it’s adapt and adjust, adapt and adjust,’” said Carol Winch, director of the life enrichment team.

The enrichment team is using the restrictions on group sizes and social distancing requirements to find new ways to keep morale up and residents active.

“We’re doing hallway activities and taking residents outside as much as possible—not all at once, but we’ll take them out 10-15 minutes at a time,” said Carol.

Whether it’s going down the hallways playing music and passing out treats like ice cream, Chex Mix and cupcakes or coordinating games of “Balloon Bop” where residents use pool noodles to swat balloons, the team is working to provide just a bit of normalcy in these strange times. They’ve even found ways to conduct popular group activities like games of BINGO.

Beyond facilitating activities for the residents, the enrichment team also works together on special COVID-related projects.

One popular project was a video Carol and Heather Mosier created on proper handwashing techniques set to the popular children’s song, “Baby Shark.” The video has received more than 5,000 views on Facebook!

To help fill the void of the hair salons being closed at this time, enrichment team member Charma Gilmer has been filling in as a hairstylist for residents, too.

As a whole, the enrichment team has been working with the marketing director and nursing staff to set up video chats – almost 100 to date – that connect residents to their families.

We’re grateful to have a creative and inspirational enrichment team in our community!

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