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Love for others inspires donor to give

As a child, Farmington native Carolyn Gordon used to perform for residents at the Presbyterian Manor with her church choir during the holidays. More recently, Carolyn frequently visited her mother during the four years she was a resident here and got to know other residents and staff. For these reasons, Carolyn Gordon has a special place in her heart for Farmington Presbyterian Manor and shows her love by making consistent donations to our community.

“My mother, Helen Gordon, was living her final months here, there was a woman who lived across the hall. My heart just broke for her because all of her family lived out of state. She very rarely had visitors. She had a very homey room and it looked so warm and cozy. I always tried to say hello and speak to her. I think she was financially secure, but I couldn’t help thinking that there were other residents who weren’t, and I wanted to do what I could to help them stay there,” said Carolyn.

Her love for others inspired Carolyn to start giving to the Good Samaritan Program, which provides funding to assist residents who outlive their resources through no fault of their own. Thanks to this program, not one resident has ever been asked to leave a Presbyterian Manor community based on their inability to pay.

Carolyn also has a lot of love and gratitude for our staff.

“My gosh, they looked after my mom so beautifully. Not too long after mother was moved to the [health care center], I had to have back surgery and wasn’t able to visit her for a month and a half. The staff were so good about taking my calls every day and telling me how mother was doing,” said Carolyn.

The construction of the new Hull Family Fellowship Center is another thing Carolyn loves about the Presbyterian Manor and another reason for her and her husband to give.

“I am so thrilled for that new addition! Now they’ll have more room to do activities and the outdoors space up will give the residents more of an opportunity to contribute back to that ‘home’ experience,” said Carolyn.

She also recognized the space as a place for staff to recharge. “I want them to be happy—they are looking after our friends and family.”

To date, the Give. Gather. Grow. campaign has raised 89% of our fundraising goal for the new Fellowship Center. If you’d like to contribute and help create a space that will enrich the lives of those we love, donate today at

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