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Long-time resident enjoys community’s continuum of care

When John Garland’s wife passed away 10 years ago, he was lonely and detached from the outside world. Seeing that he was at a low point in life, John’s family recommended that it was time for a change.

“We were living at a gated community and after she passed away, the neighbors sold out and I was isolated,” said John. “Things weren’t well for me, so my daughter, a retired nurse, suggested I move in closer.”

A long-time resident of Farmington, John already had some personal experience with Farmington Presbyterian Manor, so when it came time to begin his search for a new home, he knew just where to start.

“I had visited an older couple in Health Care, and when I would come by, it was always so clean, so I already knew all about it,” said John.

Eighty-five at the time, John was still in good health and didn’t require any additional assistance, so his experience as an actual Farmington Presbyterian Manor resident began in independent living.

“I first moved into a stand-alone house and me and my cat enjoyed three years over there together,” said John.

But when John began to fall and needed assistance to get back on his feet, he decided it was ideal to move somewhere where he could take advantage of some of Presbyterian Manor’s other services.

“I thought I better get where I can get help, so I moved into Residential Care (a section of Assisted Living) to get more medical care and have some people to watch over me.”

Seven years later, John is grateful to know that there is always someone close by, ready to help.

“There’s always a nurse on duty, so if I fall and I can’t get up, I just call them—or somebody tells them—and they come get me up,” said John.

To learn more about how you, or a loved one, can find comfort in the levels of care offered at Farmington Presbyterian Manor, contact Anne Allen, director of sales and marketing, at 573-606-3434 or

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