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‘Kitty’ finds home at community

There are a lot of couples who make their home at Farmington Presbyterian Manor, but when it comes to families of three, Phyllis, George and Kitty McGuire are unique.

Kitty, a gray cat with a black stripe that runs from its head down its back, has been a part of the McGuire family for over six years. When it came time for Phyllis and George to move into the community, Phyllis wasn’t about to leave her behind.

“Before we moved here, we lived out in the country and one day we heard a cat meowing. Someone must have dumped her or maybe she was lost, but no one ever came looking for her,” said Phyllis. “Either way, she found the perfect home, and I wasn’t going to leave her when we moved here.”

Three years later, with George now in healthcare, Phyllis and Kitty have made the assisted living community their home and go on daily walks together through the halls.

“When we moved in, they said Kitty could come but she couldn’t be turned loose,” said Phyllis. “So, when she wants to go on a walk, I just walk with her.”

These daily walks have become such a routine that Phyllis has even turned the lead over to her four-legged friend.

“Kitty knows the walking route and will lead Phyllis everywhere—taking the time to stop so every passing staff member and resident can pet her,” said Anne Allen, director of marketing and development. “It throws newcomers off because they think Kitty is running away from her owner, so they are the source of a lot of fun moments.”

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