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In the spotlight: Carol Winch

Farmington Presbyterian Manor’s Life Enrichment Director, Carol Winch, recently shared her excitement for the new Fellowship Center and what it means for residents, volunteers and the Farmington community.

How long have you worked at Farmington Presbyterian Manor?

I’ve been the life enrichment director in this community for 14 years. I have the best job, and I don’t know where else you can go to get paid to have fun!

What changes have you seen regarding seniors since you started working here 14 years ago?

Seniors now want to be more active. The music used to be gospel and country, now it’s the 50’s and 60’s “oldies.” They want more fine arts/crafts. Bingo is still beloved!

What are you most excited about with the new Fellowship Center?

I’m excited there will be space for more family inclusion with resident activities. There will now be space to allow more people to come together. Also, the space for spreading out and exercising. The quality of the programs will be improved because there will be time to set up for activities without having to constantly be rearranging the dining room.

What will the outside area bring to the residents?

Being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine will be amazing for residents, families and staff. It will be so nice to have outdoor activities in the beautified outdoor space spring through fall.

How do you see volunteers being impacted?

We have a great volunteer program. With more activities, there will be more opportunities for Farmington community members to get involved.

What is an activity you will be able to offer that you couldn’t before?

There are many ideas! Canvas painting and large entertainment like square dancing. I’m really excited about children’s groups coming in for recitals and performances. Cooking demonstrations and recipe sharing are two activities the residents love. We’ll be able to offer more in the way of art classes so the Art is Ageless program and exhibit will be greatly enhanced with the new space.

Why did you give to the Give. Gather. Grow. Campaign?

I think the Fellowship Center is so important for the residents to have – it’s a gift to them. If people could see the looks on the faces of the residents even as they are watching the center being built, they would see the joy and excitement it is bringing. I feel like the gift is for me!

How can the community help?

We are still $16,000 away from our campaign goal so donations are welcome. We would also welcome art and activity supplies and volunteers.

To donate to the Give. Gather. Grow. Campaign, go to Learn more on Facebook or call 573-756-6768.

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