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Getting to know Barbara Branz

In October, Farmington Presbyterian Manor welcomed Barbara Branz to its Independent Living community. Barbara moved to Farmington from Collinsville, Illinois and found Presbyterian Manor through an internet search conducted by her daughter.

“My sister and I came and looked at it and it’s just perfect for what I need, I liked it right away,” said Barbara.

So far, Barbara has been especially impressed by her new home’s accessibility and overall size.

“It’s big enough that I had Christmas here—all of my kids came over,” said Barbara.

Barbara is also enjoying the social aspects of the community.

“I’m making friends already. I didn’t think that would happen so quickly. The people are really nice. I’m really happy here,” said Barbara.

She is also a regular at Bingo on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is interested in taking painting lessons.

In her spare time, Barbara loves to cook—and when she cooks, she likes to make big meals.

“I’m having trouble toning them down,” said Barbara. “I’m putting extras in the freezer.”

One dish Barbara is particularly famous for is her spinach casserole.

“It’s good, it has a lot of cheese and butter. If you’re on a limited carb diet it’s good because it doesn’t have any carbs,” said Barbara.

Welcome Barbara!

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