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For Karen Crews, nursing is both a calling and a reward

When she was younger, Karen Crews would often sit and listen to her grandmother tell stories about her life as a nurse. The tales both captivated and inspired Karen, eventually leading her to pursue her own career in healthcare. Today, Karen is an RN supervisor and provides rehabilitation services to individuals who have recently been released from the hospital following a surgery or illness.

“My job is to assess our patients on a daily basis and monitor them for any complications,” said Karen. “I am looking to make sure they are making progress and keep them away from the hospital so that they can return home as soon as possible.”

When she’s not working in rehabilitation, Karen supervises the community’s day-shift nurses, jumping in whenever she’s needed to ensure each resident is happy, well taken care of and safe—a job she says is made easy due to the compassionate care of those she works with.

“There is just not a lot I have to do—all of the nurses care for our residents as much as I do!”

It is that commitment to fulfilling the needs of each and every resident that Karen believes separates PMMA from the competition.

“I now know why there has always been a waiting list at Presbyterian Manor,” said Karen. “When I reach the age that I need assistance, I want to know that I am cared for as well as our residents are.”

One of the other aspects of the job that brings Karen joy, is the relationships she gets to build with those she treats.

“I absolutely love the opportunity to visit with the residents, hear their stories and make new friends,” said Karen. “I can honestly say that they bring much more joy to me than I ever do to them.”

Away from work, Karen loves spending time with her two sons, their “amazing” wives and her sweet granddaughter, Everlie. She is anxiously awaiting a second granddaughter this month. She also enjoys working her flower garden, playing with her two Yorkies and bird watching—for which she identifies herself a certified “bird nerd.”

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