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Florence Harp can sleep later

Some residents are content to spend their days sitting quietly alone in their rooms.

Florence Harp isn’t one of them.

In her five years as a resident, Florence has been involved in just about anything and everything the community has to offer. From puzzles and bingo to exercise and craft classes she is seemingly always on the go.

“I don’t like to stay in my room by myself because if I do, I’ll get bored and just lay down to sleep,” said Florence. “I participate in just about all that I can, if I’m feeling well.”

Florence is especially active in the community’s arts and crafts programs and is a regular participant in Presbyterian Manors’ annual Art is Ageless® juried art competition. Over the years, she has won numerous awards, but it is a blue ribbon she received for a beach weaving she did that she is most proud of—even though she is still somewhat critical of the work itself.

“It wasn’t made that well, but if you stand back 15-20 feet from it, it looks pretty good,” said Florence.

Another piece of work Florence remembers fondly is a wreath she made out of a tomato cage and paper bags folded to look like angels.

“I got a ribbon on that stupid thing, and the only reason I entered it was because it was unusual, and I thought people would like to see something made out of paper bags,” said Florence.

Beyond the opportunity to create her art, Florence also really enjoys the social life available at the community and the ability to be around—and interact—with others.

“I love to be with people and talk—maybe too much—and I like to listen to other people too,” said Florence. “I like to reminisce—it brings back good memories. And I think they like to do the same thing. It’s quite enjoyable.”

But as much as she likes to be around other people and have an active social life, she still enjoys having a little time for herself.

“The thing I like about this place is that you have room for your own space,” said Florence. “I can go outside where I can go sit. I have a beautiful view.”

Put it all together and Florence is right where she wants to be.

“You couldn’t ask for a better place to live.”

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