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Farmington Presbyterian Manor announces 2019 Art is Ageless®winners

Farmington Presbyterian Manor recently hosted a reception for the winning artists in the annual Art is Ageless® juried competition.

“We are honored to exhibit artwork by seniors,” said Anne Allen, marketing director. “Art is Ageless is unique in featuring only the works of artists age 65 and older. Our artists prove that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.”

Winners in the Farmington Presbyterian Manor Art is Ageless juried competition were:

  • Best of Show: Marty Riley, “Reflections”
  • Judge’s Choice: Vada Galvan, “Beauty and the Fleece”
  • Christmas (amateur): 1st place: Gary Jones, “Hometown Winter” 2nd place: Lucille Butchart, “County Christmas;” 3rd place: Florence Harp, “Let’s Go Play”
  • Christmas (professional): 1st place: Vada Galvan, “Hey Virginia, It’s Me!” 2nd place: Victoria Gallagher Cummings, “Slimpickins;” 3rd place: Iris Vincent, “Celebrate”
  • Drawing (amateur): 1st place: Barbara Stanfield, “Blue-Eyed Cat;” 2nd place: Dorothy McClanahan, “Stripes;” 3rd place: Betty Chapman, “Plank Road”
  • Drawing (professional): 1st place: Juanita Rapp Wyman, “Farmer Working on his Irrigation Pump;” 2nd place: Juanita Rapp Wyman, “Sugar Bottom Homestead;” 3rd place: Diane Dickerson, “Cotton Blossoms”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur): Joan Hampton, “Valentine Remembered”
  • Fiber Arts (professional): 1st place: Joyce Pierson, “Nuno Felted Poncho;” 2nd place: Joyce Pierson, “Wet Felted Fedora Hat”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur): 1st place: Carol Willman, “City Sky Line;” 2nd place: Joan Hampton, “A Bit of Holland;” 3rd place: June Yoder, “My Husband, the Army Veteran”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (professional): 1st place: Iris Vincent, “Storytime;” 2nd place: Amanda Redman, “Cloth Bag with Butterfly Acrylic”
  • Needlework (amateur): 1st place: Helen Kripplaben, “Gone Fishing;” 2nd place: Joni Jones, “Wolf Pair”
  • Painting (amateur): 1st place: DeeAnne Henson, “Canal at Navares;” 2nd place: Dorothy McClanahan, “Buddies;” 3rd place: E. Dean Burns, “Ste. Genevieve Catholic Parish Church”
  • Painting (professional): 1st place: Anita Alsup, “Magical Memory;” 2nd place: Anita Dickerson, “Glass, Metal & Roses;” 3rd place: Maryann Roth, “Past Coves”
  • Photography (amateur): 1st place: Wanda Webb, “A New Day;” 2nd place: June Yoder, “The Purr-Fect Pair;” 3rd place: Barbara Rosener, “Christmas 2018”
  • Photography (professional): 1st place: Juanita Rapp Wyman, “Canopied Path at Oak Alley;” 2nd place: Iris Vincent, “Peacefilled Lane”
  • Quilting: 1st place: Naomi Russell, “Kaufman Panels;” 2nd place: Lucille Schwent, “Yellow Baby Quilt;” 3rd place: Lucille Schwent, “Pink Baby Quilt”
  • Sculpture/3-D (amateur): 1st place: E. Dean Burns, “Abstract Family,” 2nd place: Susie Eaton, “Becoming More,” 3rd place: Susie Eaton, “I Stand”
  • Sculpture/3-D (professional): Dianne Dickerson, “Terri Ann Fishsinger”

Local competition winners will join winners from 16 other Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities to be judged at the masterpiece level. Winning entries at the masterpiece level are be selected for publication in PMMA’s annual Art is Ageless calendar and note cards.

Art is Ageless is a copyrighted program of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America. For the competition, works must have been completed in the past five years. Started in 1980, Art is Ageless is an extension of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s wellness programs, which focus on mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Art is Ageless program encourages Farmington Presbyterian Manor residents and other area seniors to express their creativity through its annual competition, as well as art classes, musical and dramatic events, educational opportunities and current events discussions throughout the year.

Photos of Artwork

The top image is a collage of 3 pieces.

"Reflections" by Marty Riley (left) was the Best in Show winner. This pastel work is a segment of the Current River running through Montauk State Park and shows the wonderful fall colors reflected. While her husband fishes, Marty paints or takes photographs of the scenery. When the weather gets too cold to fish, they stay home and reminisce while Marty paints.

"Hey Virginia, It’s Me!" by Vada Galvan (top right) won first place in the Christmas professional category. Christmas has always been magical to Vada. Raised without electronic intrusion, childhood was a time of wonder for her. Even today, she still feels in awe when a Santa appears that looks like he stepped out of the late 1940’s. She hopes the face of this guy brings you a smile and the warm feeling of believing in sugarplums.

"Valentine Remembered" by resident Joan Hampton (bottom right) won first place in the Fiber Arts amateur category. Joan has not done a lot of crochet. She hand-crocheted the pillow design on the front and back. Joan also made the pillow insert.

"Beauty and the Fleece" by Vada Galvan was the Judges Choice and People's Choice Winner. This painting was done at the urging of that inner Spirit that drives Vada’s brushes. Raised in Wyoming, she often went with her neighbor to gather their sheep in the evening, bringing them closer to the house for the night.

“Blue-Eyed Cat” by Barbara Stanfield took 1st place in the drawing amateur category. Barbara drew this as a class project with Gemma Gylling. She used colored pencils on a suede board which gives a really soft look and had a lot of fun drawing this.

E. Dean Burns poses with two of his pieces: "Abstract Family", which won first place in the Sculpture/3D category, and "Ste. Genevieve Catholic Parish," which won 3rd place in the painting amateur category.

"Gone Fishing" by Helen Kripplaben won first place in the amateur needlework category. The piece has 89 different colors and was done on a 25-count material, full cross stitch using one thread over one thread. It took her 2.5 years to do.

"Kaufman Panels" by Naomi Russell won first place in the quilting amateur category. Naomi used three Kaufman panels for the embroidery and different configurations of piecing to conform to the size and design she wanted. The handstitched quilt measures 108”x108” and took a year to complete.

"Farmer Working on His Irrigation Pump" by Juanita Rapp Wyman won first place in the Drawing professional category. Juanita is a retired high school art teacher that is now practicing what she preached for 30 years. This pastel drawing is of her father-in-law working on his farm. Juanita considers herself a Regionalist painter as she loves to paint the American Heartland and to create scenes of rural life.

"Buddies" by Dorothy McClanahan won 2nd place in the Painting amateur category. Dorothy is a retired nurse that works in acrylics, oils, graphite and colored pencil art. She also enjoys crafting – knitting, crochet, embroidery and counted cross stitch.

"Canal at Navares" by DeeAnne Henson won first place in the Painting amateur category. DeeAnne is truly an amateur. She has never taken any type of art classes and she started painting regularly around seven years ago.

"Glass, Metal & Roses" by Anita Dickerson won 2nd place in the Painting professional category. "I love the transparency of the glass, the rich color of the roses. It has an x-ray vision to it," said Anita Dickerson. Anita taught in the Cape public schools for 30 years and is now retired with more time to paint.

"Magical Memory" by Anita Alsup won first place in the Painting professional category. Anita has been oil painting since 2008 – the year the photo was taken that inspired this painting. She believes creativity is a blessing from our creator. This painting is meant to commemorate the enduring hearts of mother and son enjoying the spirit of art. That is something for which she is thankful.

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