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Employees recognized at annual service awards banquet

In appreciation of our staff's services to the residents of Farmington Presbyterian Manor, the management team proudly hosts an annual service awards banquet. Employees who have worked at PMMA for five years or more are honored with a personalized speech from their direct supervisor and a gift. Here are the staff honored at the banquet June 15.

Doris Cruse, 35 years of service

“Doris has been here 35 years and is on the wall of honor at PMMA, which recognizes staff who have dedicated three decades or more to providing quality service to our residents. She is dependable and reliable, never missing a day, and has won perfect attendance more times than a person can count. She also has been the employee of the month several times, which is a testament to the standard of excellence she sets,” said Shane Bone.

Diane Hagerty, 30 years of service

“Diane has worked for Presbyterian Manor for almost 31 years now. She began her employment here when she was very young and was just starting her career in nursing. Over the years, Diane has been through a lot of changes in her personal life and with Presbyterian Manor. I know she has had children and grandchildren and her family is important to her. She takes care of them with the same commitment she gives to her residents. Diane is a valuable member of our nursing team. She never complains, she does what is asked of her and makes sure her residents are taken care of. Diane always has a good attitude and I hope she spends the rest of her nursing career with us at Presbyterian Manor!” said Peggy Bland.

Madelyn Dalton, 30 years of service

“Madelyn started with us in 1987. She is a CNA who has devoted her life to helping others and is still devoted to helping/taking care of others even in her retirement. Madeline has had a long career working hard to take care of residents. Madelyn gives 100-percent to the residents she is caring for and she makes sure they have what they need. Even in her retirement, she is working here part-time and taking care of family members at home. If you looked up the definition of the word ‘caregiver’ you would find Madeline Dalton. She is the true definition of a caregiver,” said Peggy Bland.

Brenda Gowen, 25 years of service

“From day one, Brenda has been nothing but helpful. She goes far beyond her job responsibilities. She has been with the company for 26 years. She knows all of our residents, staff, and staff from other departments. She has a plethora of knowledge and experience. She knows every position and covers when we are shorthanded. She isn’t just an excellent worker, she is an amazing person. I would truly be lost without her,” said Dena Dotson.

Traery Noubarian, 15 years of service

“Traery has been with PMMA/Heart & Soul Hospice for 15 years in various roles serving the patients and residents. She truly has a servant’s heart and always ensures that our patients and residents are taken care of. Traery has once again accepted a new role as Farmington Heart and Soul Hospice Administrator. She has earned this new position through her dedicated service to PMMA and Heart & Soul Hospice and the people we strive to care for. Thank you, Traery for your years of dedicated service,” said Rodney Quinton.

Elizabeth Allen, 5 years of service

“Elizabeth is an LPN who is celebrating five years of service with us. In the five years she has worked here, she has grown as a nurse and has also had a lot growth in her personal life. She has gotten married and had two beautiful children. She currently works full-time on nightshift and is an excellent nurse. Elizabeth works hard and gets her work done. She handles whatever comes her way and does whatever it takes to get it done without complaining,” said Peggy Bland.

Judy Green, 5 years of service

“Judy began her employment with us in 2012 and has spent the last five years of the career with us. I guess she saved the best for last because she also retired this year, but she is still working part-time on nightshift. Judy is a very strong person and has overcome serious illness while working here. She is an experienced nurse who is dedicated to her patients and her co-workers,” said Peggy Bland.

Bayli Hill, 5 years of service

“Bayli is celebrating five years of service. She began her employment with us as an LPN, and has since completed her Associates Degree in nursing and will be taking her RN boards soon. In the five years she has worked here, she has grown as a nurse. Her family has also grown—she has had a baby boy and a new baby girl in addition to the boy she already had. She is an excellent nurse who also does an excellent job helping with medical records. Thank you, Bayli, for staying with us as you have grown in your nursing career and your personal life,” said Peggy Bland.

Lisa Richardson, 5 years of service

“Lisa started with us in 2012 and has become a standard of quality and excellence within the housekeeping team. She shows her dedication by always being on time and always being thorough in everything she does. She is very well loved by the residents and PMMA is a better place with her here,” said Shane Bone.

Shane Bone, 5 years of service

“Shane joined Presbyterian Manor in May of 2012 as a Maintenance Tech. Four years later, he was promoted to the position of Environmental Services Director. I’m always proud of employees who grow in their job and demonstrate the necessary skills to advance their career. Shane not only demonstrated the technical skills necessary to become the Environmental Services Director, but the leadership skills as well,” said Jane Hull.

Bob Webb, 5 years of service

“Bob has been with PMMA/Heart and Soul Hospice for 5 years serving as the Heart and Soul Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator. He has shown exemplary service to our patients and residents. Bob is always willing to stop and listen, pray and comfort patients, residents and other employees. Thank you, Bob, for being so dedicated to Heart & Soul Hospice, our patients and PMMA residents and staff,” said Rodney Quinton.

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