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Community’s ‘family atmosphere’ takes on new meaning

When Farmington Presbyterian Manor welcomed Lee Green to its staff last year it not only added a valuable member to its maintenance team, but it also helped solidify the community’s status as a truly, family friendly environment.

For proof, look no further than the Green family itself.

That’s because, with Lee officially on the payroll, there were now five members of the Green family all working at the community simultaneously including Lee’s wife, Connie; his daughters, Syndey and Brittany and his son, Thomas.

Brittany, who is a level 1 medicine aide, was the first member of the Green family to join the community’s staff and led the way for the others to follow.

“Basically, we were all looking for jobs and my sister recommended Presbyterian Manor to us,” said Thomas.

But even though all of the family members are working at the same community, they’re not exactly working side by side, which Thomas said that even though they’re a “close family,” might be for the best.

“We’re working in different departments so we’re not always seeing each other so we don’t fight or butt heads,” said Thomas.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have things in common that they can discuss around the family dinner table.

“We actually talk about it a lot,” said Thomas. “We talk about how our day was, what happened … Everyone knows what we’re talking about because we all know staff and residents.”

But shared DNA among staff members isn’t the only reason behind the warmth found at the community.

“It’s really a family environment. I enjoy talking with my co-workers and the residents—they are what really brings a family vibe here,” said Thomas.

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