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CNA program retains local talent at record level

Twelve recent graduates of Farmington High School will soon be joining the community’s staff thanks in part to a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program that allows FHS students to earn clinical hours within the community. Those hired represent nearly half of FHS graduates who earned their CNA through the program and the largest number in recent years.

“We typically hire several from each graduating class,” said Talisha Brooks, assistant director of Health Services at Farmington Presbyterian Manor and supervisor of the clinical component of Farmington High School’s CNA program. “This year, we were able to hire more because the students’ clinical time coincided with a time in which we had several CNA positions available.”

The community’s involvement in the program allows it to not only help develop the next generation of health care professionals, but also have a hand in training its prospective employees. For the students, the program offers both logistic and financial benefits.

“Students like a lot of things about our program,” said Brooks. “First, we’re within walking distance of the high school. Second, we hire nursing assistants before they’re certified…allowing students to earn money while completing their clinical requirements. And lastly, we also serve as a testing site, allowing students to complete the clinical portion of their state test with the same residents with whom they’ve already developed relationships.”

The program at Farmington High is the only one of its kind in the area that is independent of a long-term care center and is offered as a career class to high school students.

Currently, Farmington Presbyterian Manor employees approximately 45 CNAs.

In the photo at the top are (left to right) Addy Eckhoff, Abigail Ramsey and Victoria Sigman who completed the CNA program and graduated from Farmington High School this spring. Addy is a Farmington Presbyterian Manor employee.

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