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Celebrating social workers

Our social workers work hard every day to help our residents and their families cope and overcome challenges. They’re a vital part of our team and we’re honored to recognize them during National Social Work Month.

Rachel Campbell (shown left, above & below), MSW, celebrated her four-year anniversary just last month as social service director at Presbyterian Manor.

Some responsibilities of her job include discharge and care planning; solving concerns and complaints; advocating for resident’s needs; providing community resources; taking care of all in-house dental and eye doctor appointments; providing active listening; and providing counseling.

“We look at a person as a whole, not only seeing their medical co-morbidities but also their past traumas, current family relations or lack thereof, mental health, how are they adjusting to the Presbyterian Manor, how are they adjusting to the difficulties that come with aging and how their past socioeconomic status affects their health,” said Rachel. “We are important because we can provide information, resources and a listening ear to help with these difficulties and more.”

Not only does Rachel enjoy what she does for a living, she enjoys who she does it for.

“I love the residents. We are one big family here, and you really get attached. The food days are great, too,” said Rachel.

Amanda Eye (shown right, both photos) is a social worker designee who has been working on our campus for 14 years.

“I do everything I can for our residents. I do paperwork and go over the resident handbook when new residents are admitted. I do therapy consents when our residents need therapy and therapy discharges. I go shopping, fix glasses and the list goes on and on,” said Amanda.

Rachel added, “Amanda also sets up transportation for all residents going to non-local appointments.”

Our social workers are always there to lend an ear, too.

“Social workers are important because we are here to listen when our residents and family members need us,” said Amanda.

There’s a lot to enjoy about being a social worker, especially at Farmington Presbyterian Manor.

“I enjoy working with our residents, and it seems like I still learn something new every day,” said Amanda.

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