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The Good Samaritan Program: Angels among us

Since the inception of our mission, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has ensured thousands of residents of its commitment that they will always have a home. Established in the 1950s, the Good Samaritan Program provides funding to assist residents who outlive their financial resources through no fault of their own.

To continue to meet the growing need among seniors in our communities, we invited donors to become an “angel for a day” by making a contribution to the Good Samaritan Program over the Christmas holiday. In exchange for a donation to this program, a bell was placed on our Christmas tree as a reminder of their generosity.

This year, Farmington Presbyterian Manor exceeded our goal of raising $4,000 for the Good Samaritan Program in our community! We have more than 40 residents currently receiving Good Samaritan assistance, and we are honored by the staff and residents who so strongly identify with the heart of Presbyterian Manor’s mission that they give to the fund.

A few of the angels among us have shared why they’re compelled to give to this program.

“I just think there’s a need. People are living longer and outliving their income. It’s a scary thing, so I want to help as long as I can.” – Pat Allen, resident and faithful contributor

“I work here and know some of these people who benefit from this program. One lady in particular calls it her home. These people are her family. Can you imagine if she was asked to leave because she didn’t have the funds? That peace that this gives them? This was my first experience, and I think it’s awesome. I’m very willing to help out with that. It’s a wonderful place, a wonderful program. To keep these people in their homes and not ask them to leave. When you tell somebody about it, it’s one thing. When you actually see it benefiting people, it’s another.” – Mandy Blackmon, life enrichment assistant

“I give to the Good Samaritan's Fund because it helps out the residents. I love them and would do anything I can to help them out.” -- Lisa Richardson, housekeeping.

“I help people when I can. I’m not loaded by any means. I give occasionally. It’s for a good cause. People need help once in a while. If I can help, I’ll help. Every little bit helps. You put the little bits together and you got even more.” – Harold Worley, resident

To learn more about the Good Samaritan Program or participate in our local community’s fundraiser, please contact Anne Allen at 573-747-4455.

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