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Angels among us

Every year, dozens of staff at Farmington Presbyterian Manor give to the Good Samaritan program through the annual Angel Appeal, which takes place during the holiday season.

This program makes it possible for residents to continue to live in our community when they are no longer financially able to cover the cost of their care on their own. Established in the 1950s, the Good Samaritan program has provided kindness and compassion to hundreds of seniors in need.

The staff who give in support of this program have many reasons for their generosity, from honoring a loved one who has passed to meeting the needs of residents they consider extensions of their family. Here are a few employees who shared, in their own words, their reason for giving to the Angel Appeal, which kicked-off with a reception on December 4, 2017.

“I give to the Good Samaritan program because I think all of us should give back for the people we love who have passed on.” — Randy Rowe

“My residents are my family, and I want to take care of them when their resources run out.” — Kaye Keith

“I have a brother who passed away three years ago. Today is his birthday, and I give in his honor.” — Jeannine Koen

“It is something to help our residents continue enjoying what they love.” — Sarah Stegemann

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