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A special shout out to nurses

Peggy Bland, RN, director of nursing, and Loren Rickmar, RN, assisted living services director

While we are always thankful to have such a dedicated and compassionate team of nurses working at Farmington Presbyterian Manor, we would like to share our heartfelt appreciation to all of the nurses who are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe—especially during a time when staffing can be a challenge.

“All of our nurses have been great team players,” said Loren Rickmar, Assisted Living services director. “Everyone has jumped in to cover staffing shortages and have diligently worked to not only try to keep COVID out of the building but keep everyone’s morale up as well.”

The past two years have been tough for everybody in our community, but our nurses—along with the entire Farmington Presbyterian Manor staff—have gone above and beyond to make the experience as good as possible.

“The residents are sad that they can’t see their family, but we have tried our best to help fill the void,” said Loren. “Our staff has been working additional hours to try to provide as much one-on-one as possible to keep their moods up.”

Thank you nurses for everything you do!

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