Art is Ageless® winners announced

[caption id="attachment_6492" align="aligncenter" width="747"] ‘Serenity’ by Janet Kraus: “Dawn is a magical time of day,” said Janet Kraus. “It is so quiet, the air smells so fresh and there is almost nothing moving. Then in flies a flock of crows, breaking the silence before settling in on fence posts. Then they, too, become quiet, waiting for the day to start.”[/caption]

The results of the Art is Ageless® juried competition are in, and it is evident that Farmington Presbyterian Manor and the surrounding community are full of talented and artistic seniors.

“We are honored to exhibit artwork by seniors,” said Anne Allen, director of marketing and development. “Art is Ageless is unique in featuring only the works of artists age 65 and older. Our artists prove that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.”

Local competition winners will join winners from 16 other Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities to be judged at the masterpiece level. Winning entries at the masterpiece level are selected for publication in PMMA’s annual Art is Ageless calendar and on note cards.

Winners in the Farmington Presbyterian Manor Art is Ageless juried competition were:

Christmas (amateur)

First place – “Christmas Winter Wonderland,” by Lucille Butchart

Second place – “Winter Ice,” by Iris Vincent

Third place – “Angel’s Wreath,” by Florence Harp

Christmas (professional)

First place – “Eating Crow,” by Victoria Gallagher Cummings

Second place – “Christmas Market in Germany,” by Juanita Rapp Wyman

Third place – “Shelf??? It’s All About the Hat,” by Vada Galvin

Drawing (amateur)

First place – “Two Red Apples,” by Barbara Stanfield

Second place – “Dog on Porch,” by Dorothy Weston McClanahan

Third place – “Harvest Time,” by Jeanette Bishop

[caption id="attachment_6495" align="alignleft" width="208"] ‘Beach Weaving’ by Florence Harp: “I like using things I have gathered over the years,” said Florence Harp, first place winner in the Fiber Arts (amateur) category. “The paper umbrella came from a luau at Farmington Presbyterian Manor. The butterfly was from a church group. Other things were donated to me.”[/caption]

Drawing (professional)

First place – “Grandpa and His Granddaughter Feeding the Horses,” by Juanita Rapp Wyman

Second place – “Evening Shadows, Early Fall,” by Vicki Outman

Third place – “Magnolia,” by Dianne Dickerson

Fiber Arts (professional)

First place – “Beach Weaving,” by Florence Harp

Fiber Arts (professional)

First place – “Aurora,” by Joyce Pierson

Second place – “From Sea to Shining Sea,” by Dianne Dickerson

Third place – “All Natural,” by Joyce Pierson

Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur)

First place – “Bouquet of Flowers,” by June Yoder

Second place – “Birdhouse Gourd,” by Joan Hampton

Third place – “Pretty Bird Owl,” by June Yoder

[caption id="attachment_6494" align="alignleft" width="192"] 'Bouquet of Flowers’ by June Yoder: “This bouquet of flowers is created with old vintage pins,” said June Yoder. “The stems are from a necklace, and the black velvet material sets off the white vase in the gold frame. It turned out so beautiful.”[/caption]

Mixed Media/Crafts (professional)

First place – “Train,” by Carl Hinds

Second place – “Sunflower Showdown,” by Marty Riley

Third place – “Red and Gold Swirls,” by Betty Wood

Needlework (amateur)

First place – “Victorian Fashion,” by Joan Hampton

Second place – “Hide and Seek Bunnies,” by Lynette Satterthwaite

Photography (amateur)

First place – “Wild Flowers and Mr. Cat,” by June Yoder

Second place – “Cherry Blossoms in Early Morning Rain,” by Iris Vincent

Photography (professional)

First place – “’Golden Gate Bridge’ at Beaver Lake,” by Juanita Rapp Wyman

Painting (amateur)

First place – “Granny’s Shelf,” by Wanda Webb

Second place – “Junky Jalopy Breakdown,” by Lucille Butchart

Third place – “Fall Barnyard,” by John R. Laughlin

[caption id="attachment_6493" align="alignleft" width="300"] 'Anticipation’ by Vada Galvan: “I love to paint, and I love dogs,” said Vada Galvan. “Although my husband, Ben, and I have always been ‘parents’ to small dogs, the big guy in the painting was perfect for the part. Painting is my God-gift. I share it by teaching and painting for others.”[/caption]

Painting (professional)

First place – “Anticipation,” by Vada Galvan

Second place – “Japanese Peony,” by Janet Krauss

Third place – “Bixby Country Store,” by Marty Riley

Honorable mention: “A Walk on the Farm,” by Amanda L. Redman

Sculpture/3D (amateur)

First place – “Madonna and Child,” by E. Dean Burns

Second place – “Lotus,” by E. Dean Burns

Third place – “Steam River Paddle Boat,” by Larry Webb

Sculpture/3D (professional)

First place – “Silver Leaf,” by Victoria Gallagher Cummings

Overall Competition Winners

Best in Show – “Grateful,” by Anita Alsup

People’s Choice –“Sunshine,” by Wanda Webb

Judges Choice –“Serenity,” by Janet Krauss

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